Established in 2019, GREBT Co., Ltd. is a biohealth specialized company that is developing by securing technology in cooperation with several universities and government-funded research institutes.

GREBT is a company that develops and provides efficient diabetes management solutions for people with diabetes by utilizing innovative medical technologies. Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that are becoming a health problem worldwide, and GREBT provides innovative technologies and services to help people with diabetes improve their quality of life and stay healthy.

Our vision
  • The latest technology
    and data analytics

  • Achieve better health

  • Easy for people with
    diabetes to monitor

We aim to make it easy for people with diabetes to monitor and improve their health. Diabetes is an important disease to manage, and we want to help patients achieve better health outcomes through the latest technology and data analytics.

Main products and services
  • Development of diabetes monitoring devices

    we utilize cutting-edge technology to develop advanced meters and equipment for blood glucose measurement and related biometric data collection. These devices are accurate and have a user-friendly design, making them convenient for patients to use.

  • Data Platform

    GREBT operates a data platform to collect and analyze patients' biometric data. The platform is cloud-based, allowing patients to monitor their health status in real-time and share it with their doctors.

  • personalized healthcare solutions

    Our solution provides patients with individually customized healthcare plans. This enables patients to develop better diet and exercise habits and work with their doctors to effectively manage their diabetes.