Innovation of
in vitro diagnostic device

With a differentiated digital healthcare platform,
we are carrying out a revolution in the field of in vitro diagnostics.

GREBT is a bio-health specialist founded in 2019 which cooperates with a number of universities and
government research centers to secure and develop its technical capabilities.

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Non-Invasive Urine Glucose
Measurement Sensor

Making glucose management more convenient with a painless,
infection-free urine glucose measurement sensor

GREBT uses a bio-electronic sensor that measures glucose levels in urine without taking blood
to provide quantitative glucose levels. The system is composed of a measuring device and a strip,
making it convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

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GREBT’s in vitro diagnostic device (URINOUGH) is based on ultra-miniaturized, electrochemical analysis technology and designed for the diagnosis of disease, and it is designed to allow general users to directly diagnose disease and biomarkers.

In R&D

Bloodless urine glucose measurement sensor research and development

Membrane Structure Upgrade

Sensor cartridge production for selective screening of urine glucose

Enzyme Layer Immobilization

Manufacture of sensor cartridge with immobilized enzyme layer for repeated use

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